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Boarding & Daycare

There are times you have to take a trip, and your furry babies won't be able to join you, you want to make the perfect arrangements for the care of your pets. For some pet parents, this becomes a stressful part of travel planning. You have to find a place that both you and your pet are comfortable.


We at Bahay ni Bantay offers Indoor Cageless Boarding for your dog to play, socialize and exercise with other friendly dogs in a supervised environment. We also have a well secured outdoor play area where they can run all day, swim or sleep under the tree. It will be an adventure for your furry loved ones as you relax on your vacation or on an emergency trip that you must do.  Your pet will be busy meeting new friends and will have their vacation of their own.



Welcome to BnB

We did try our best to make our home a home for our furry babies. BnB is a private residence which we "dog proof" for our 10 resident dogs of different breeds, their name starts with "K".  They are well socialized and non-agressive. All fun! This provides  a good environment for our guests.  We have so called "greeters" like Kate, Kiko and Kory. They help us assess if the newly arrived guest will fit in our cagefree environment.


If you are interested you can contact us for further information. See yah!



Can all dogs swim?

Some people believe that all dogs are natural swimmers. There are certain breeds that can't swim on their own.


Either for leisure or for therapy, BnB offers assited swimming sessions for your furry friends. Swimming is a very efficient whole body exercise, safe and low impact way to burn calories.



It may surprise you to know that for a dog, 1 minutes’ swimming is equivalent to about 4 minutes of running, according to Dr Arleigh Reynolds, a Veterinary Surgeon and Canine Physiologist.



We do believe in Force-Free environment.


Force free means:

  • No compulsion-based methods employed to train or care for pet

  • No fear

  • No pain

  • No physical molding

  • No physical force

  • No choke

  • No shock


As members we are committed to physical, mental, environmental, and emotional well-being of each pet.




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