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Bangkok Doggy Dolly shopping (again?!!!!)

BnB will go shopping at Doggy Dolly (again!)...any item you like? We can get it for you! Terms & Conditions: 1. Check the catalog (,there are around 150 pages of doggie stuff!!!) 2. Let use know the item codes so that we can include that on our request for quote 3. We will inform you of the prices of the items you like 4. You will have to confirm and finalize your order 5. Cash basis only. Only pay when item arrive BnB (est. Oct. 17) 6. BnB Pick-up free or for delivery at 69 pesos MM/99 provincial (via Xend) 7. Handling fee is 75 pesos per item (minimum of 2 items) 8. Serious shoppers only (we don't want to get ourselves into shame campaign) 9 Orders should be finalized by Oct. 9 you can contact us at or send us a pm. Happy shopping!!!

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